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Electricity meter change

Since autumn 2022 and until the end of 2024, we will replace all electricity meters in Gothenburg. We start in Kvillebäcken and will then gradually speed up the rollout. You will of course be notified on beforehand before we visit you. 

Eltel execute the meter change

The company Eltel will execute the actual electricity meter change. Therefore, they are the ones who will be in touch with more detailed information as the meter change in your household approaches. 

If your meter is located inside or outside the house

How well in advance you will receive information about time and date for your change, and how specific this information is, depends on where your meter is located. If it is located indoors, we might need your help to reach it. In that case, you will be appointed to a time and date for the change. If it is located outdoors, or in a central location in the property, for example in a multi-occupied building, Eltel will handle the replacement, and you will receive an approximate date of when the change will take place. 

For your safety, Eltel’s installers are able to present identification with a certificate of competence issued by Eltel and Göteborg Energi. 

How the change is carried out

Contact Eltel

Have you received your appointment from Eltel? Please confirm or reschedule!

You can also call Eltel's customer service -  +46 (0)31-3088500

Opening hours

Monday-Friday 7 am - 8 pm

Saturday - Sunday 8 am - 6 pm

Please note!

  • If your meter is located inside your house, you, or a person aged 18 or older, need to be at home for the change. You or that person need to be able to show the installer where the electricity meter is located. 

  • When the installer replaces your meter, the electricity will be switched off for about 15-20 minutes. This might affect the lift, utility room, internet connection and other functions dependent on electricity. 

  • Prior to our visit, please clean up any items that might obscure the meter. This allows for a smooth change. 

  • We like animals, but not during electrical work. Please see to that no pets get in our installers’ way.

  • If you have your own equipment connected to the meter, the functions of that equipment will be erased with the meter change. 

Safer delivery with the new electricity meter

Your new smart electricity meter is called OMNIA eMeter and has plenty of good and useful functions. Above all, it has a new customer interface, HAN (Home Area Network), that gives you access to detailed information about your electricity use and power output. Contact customer support if you want to activate the HAN port.

Try the new customer interface

Are you and your company interested in testing your technical solution using the customer interface (HAN-port P1) on our new electricity meter OMNIA eMeter?
We know that several different companies are developing adaptor solutions. We want to support the development and give all suppliers the same opportunities. Therefore, we would like to know how much interest this attracts.

Frequently asked questions

The Swedish Energy Markets Inspectorate have developed new performance requirements for every electricity meter that all Swedish power distribution companies need to relate to. The new performance requirements must be implemented at the latest the 1st of January 2025. This means that we plan to replace all our electricity meters in Gothenburg during the period 2022-2024. If you want to know more about the performance requirements, go to The Swedish Energy Markets Inspectorate website: https://ei.se/ei-in-english

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A new meter is installed. The meter reading and the billing will appear as before, above the actual consumption. Neither the new meter nor the work replacing the meter will cause additional costs for you as a customer.

The change of the electricity meters will take place during the latter part of 2022 and continue until the end of 2024. As we approach your electricity meter change, Eltel will contact you with more detailed information.

Our partner in the electricity meter change is Kamstrup, and their subcontractor Eltel will execute the actual electricity meter change. The installation is planned to take place from the latter part of 2022 until the end of 2024.
The process is slightly different depending on where the electricity meter is located in your property, but you will receive information well in advance of the change. Our ambition is to carry out the change as efficiently and smoothly as possible.
The electricity meter change entails a shorter power cut of about 15-20 minutes, and this can affect functions such as the door phone, lift, utility room, internet connection and other products run by electricity. Thus, it is important that everyone in your household are informed about the change.

The electricity meter changes will take place from the latter part of 2022 and until the end of 2024.
We have several customers that are about to have their electricity meters replaced and we appreciate that there is a big interest. To be able to carry out the electricity meter change as safely and efficiently as possible, we will install the new electricity meter according to the detailed installation plan developed by Eltel, the company that execute the electricity meter change for us. All customers will be treated equally and will have the new electricity meter installed in sequence, starting in autumn 2022.

No. The electricity grid prices depend on several factors. As of today, there is nothing that indicates that the electricity meter change will entail increased fees.

Yes, it is possible. Already today, we are installing an electricity meter that can handle own-produced electricity for those customers who want to produce their own electricity, for example solar energy.
However, this doesn’t mean that this electricity meter will not be replaced. All electricity meters that have been installed before the autumn of 2022 will be replaced.

It is correct that the M-bus output is not compatible with the new electricity meters that will be installed from 2022 and onward. We know that several companies are developing adaptor solutions that probably will be on the market during 2022. Companies are welcome to contact us if they are interested in trying the customer interface (HAN-port P1) on our new electricity meter OMNIA eMeter. You will be updated as soon as we have more information about possible solutions.