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Service disruptions

You can subscribe by logging in and registering your e-mail address and/or phone number. Or by clicking on the link below, it will take you straight to a registration form. The service is free and you can choose who you would like to be notified.

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When affected by a longer power cut, try to avoid opening your fridge and freezer. During the colder part of the year we recommend that you keep doors closed leading to rooms you don’t use. And by maximizing the use of the heat that is already there.

You can also prepare for a blackout by checking if you have the following at home: a flashlight, batteries, an extra fuse, candles, lighter, battery driven radio, smoke alarm and if you have an open fire it’s a good idea to keep some extra wood in the house.

We have information about ongoing disruptions of our services on our website. The map shows planned and ongoing disruptions.

You can also register your e-mail address and/or phone number by logging in and signing up to get a message if there is a power cut that affects you.

Map of current/planned disruptions in the area

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Yes, you can get information by logging in and subscribing to our service ”Avbrottsinformation” and registering your e-mail adress and/or phone number. You can also click on the link below.

The service is free and you can choose who you want to get the information.

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Subscribe to the service ”Avbrottsinformation till mobil och e-post”

The service is free and you can choose who you want to get the information. To subscribe – log in and subscribe by registering your e-mail address and/or phone number. You can also click on the link below.

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Subscribe to the service ”Avbrottsinformation till mobil och e-post”

Start by checking your fuses and your RCD (residual-current device). If it is still switched on and the disruption remains please look out the window to see if there are others on your street that have also been effected. If not, you may have to call an electrician to figure out where the problem lies.

If the disruption is caused by us we will pay for the cost. If this is the case, please contact the owner of the house who in turn will contact us.

According to Swedish law (Ellagen), you have the right to be compensated after being without electricity for a cohesive 12 hours or more. This will automatically be adjusted on your invoice.

If you are effected by a shorter power cut where something breaks or if your home is heated by other heating solutions you need to contact your insurance company and in addition make a direct complaint to us.

Complaint form


You need two separate contracts to get electricity in your home.

One network contract, with the company that owns the local grid (decided by where you live), and one supplier contract with the electricity supplier of your choice.

This means you normally recieve two invoices.

How much you pay for the electricity network contract is provided by the company who owns the grid in your area. Göteborg Energi is the grid owner in Gothenburg and Partille.

When you have signed your electricity network contract you can choose your supplier. The electricity supplier will specify and bill you for the electricity you use.

By logging in you can find all the information you need about your contracts with us. You can see at what point the supply contract ends and even register a new contract when the time comes.

To make sure you don’t miss that your contract is about to end we always send out information in close proximity to the end date (60-90 days before). The information is sent out digitally if you have an e-mail adress registered with us, otherwise it will be sent by post.

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Fixed price: When you sign up for a fixed rate contract, your price (per kWh of electricity used) will be set for the whole contract period.

You will be protected from changes on the energy market regardless of what happens. You pick for how long you want the contract to span, from 3 months up to 1 year. Changes regarding taxes, fees and/or quotas connected to renewable energy certificates may, however, effect the price.

Variable rate: With a variable rate you will always have a price that fluctuates with the movements on the market. This means that you have the chance to save a lot of money when the price is low, but with the risk of the price changing a great deal over the course of a year. If you have chosen a variable rate contract you may at any point switch over to a fixed rate.

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We make sure that you receive a reminder in close proximity to the end of your contract (60-90 days before), so that you have time to decide about your contract renewal.

If you, for any reason, decide to not sign up for a new contract period you will automatically be assigned our regular variable rate when your current contract ends.

Read more about Variable rate

Read more about Fixed price

You are obliged to fulfill the contract during the contract time. If you wish to terminate the contract ahead of time you will be charged a fee.

If you plan to follow through with your contract, but wish to switch to another supplier when your contract ends, you have to give us one month notice.

Please be advised - If you are about to move you don’t have to worry about giving notice. You may choose to bring your contract with you to your new place or to terminate it. Just give us a call on 031-626262 to let us know.

Yes, you choose how many contracts you need. Maybe you have an apartment in the city and a cottage in the countryside?

Invoicing & billing

If you have two contracts with us for your electricity (1. Grid, 2. Supplier) you will receive two different invoices. Notice how they have different customer Ids and invoice number. In fact they are even sent from two different systems.

The invoice you receive from the owner of the electricity grid specifies a yearly fee, the energy tax and the cost of transporting the electricity to your home. While the supplier invoice focuses on the usage of electricity in your home.

The invoices contain different costs and are paid separately.

The easiest and fastest way is to use your internet banking service.

Log in and search for Göteborg Energi AB. If your request regards the electricity supplier (not the grid), choose Göteborg Energi Din El AB.

You may also download forms on our website, contact our customer service by the form below or call 031-626262 and we will send the forms by post.

Fill out the form and send it to:
Göteborg Energi AB
Box 53
401 20 Göteborg

Direct debit form (Autogiro)

Contact customer service

Kivra is a digital mailbox service. Through them you can receive your mail from businesses and authorities as they connect to Kivra and choose to send you their information this way.

Since you have previously registered to Kivra you have thereby agreed to receiving mail from other companies as well.

You choose which information you would like to have sent to you through Kivra by logging on to their webpage and choosing.

The easiest and fastest way is to use your internet banking service.

Log in and search for Göteborg Energi AB. If your request regards the electricity supplier, choose Göteborg Energi Din El AB.

At the moment many of our customers wonder why they have received a higher invoice than usual.

Since the 1st of January 2018 the energy tax has been moved from the electricity supplier to the grid owner due to a decision made by the Swedish government.

The decision does not affect you since the cost has been moved from one invoice to another. If you look at the invoice from the grid owner you will notice that it specifies the energy tax, while the supplier invoice now costs less and no longer specifies the energy tax.

If you pay your invoice too late you will receive a reminder and a fee of 60 SEK, which will be charged on your next invoice. If you don’t pay after receiving the reminder the invoice will be sent to a collectors company called Visma.

Thereafter they own the errand and the invoice payment. If you have further questions after this point you may contact them to receive more information.

For invoices not paid on time there is an additional 9% interest.

If you wish to stop receiving your invoice through Kivra, simply follow these steps:

1. Open the Kivra-app (first you have to download it)
2. Click on the menu and choose "settings"
3. Choose "sender"
4. Choose the sender you would like to deselect ”Digital post i Kivra”

When you are done you will receive your invoices the same way you did before subscribing to Kivra. Do you want to receive e-invoice instead? Just log on to your internet banking service and register.

It depends on which product you buy from us.

District heating only offers monthly billing, but the remainder of our services offer a range of options: monthly, quarterly, or every two months.

Just give us a call on 031-626262 and we will help you out. Or log in and make the change online if the request is concering the invoice from the electicity supplier.

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By Swedish law, all electricity used in Sweden is taxed. This means every user of electricity in Sweden pays what we call Energiskatt ”energy tax”.

The Swedish government has decided that the company that owns the grid in your area will charge the users energy tax. And that they are obliged to report and pay the tax charged to Skatteverket. Before the 1st of january 2018 the energy tax was charged by the electricity supplier.

This tax has always existed, only now it has been moved to from one invoice to another. The energy tax 2018 is 33,1 öre/kWh (41,38 öre/kWh inc. VAT).

Read more on Skatteverkets webpage


Inform us about your move as soon as you have a date. In that way you make sure that you won’t be without electricity.

Make sure you give us a call the day before you move at the latest.

For you to be able to use the electricity in your new home you need two contracts. One contract with the grid owner, and one with the electricity supplier of your choice.

Firstly, contact the grid owner in your area. If you have found your new home in Gothenburg or Partille you are connected to Göteborg Energi and need to get in touch with us before your move.

When the grid owner has confirmed your move, you may contact a electricity supplier, from which you would like to buy your electricity.

No. You can’t transfer a contract from one person to another. But you can sign up for a new contract when he or she moves out.

Contact us through the form below or give us a call at 031-626262 and we will help you out.

Contact customer service

The contract will continue up to the point we receive an end date. Please note that we cannot terminate contract on a date that has already passed.

No. This is why it is important that you let us know when you are about to move.

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