Connecting to portal for suppliers

  1. Go to portal for suppliers

  2. Add the page to ”Trusted sites” in Internet Explorer.

  3. Choose authentication type (GE_SMS or GE_Softtoken) depending on the login-information you received.

  4. Login with the credentials that you have received.
    GE_SMS: Password is the password for the user you got.
    GE_Softtoken: Password is the 8-digit number you see in your Softtoken app.


 5. GE_SMS:
When you have logged in to the portal you will recieve a 6-digit code on your cell phone. Type in the code and press ”Sign In”.

6. Choose link.

7. Using a Remote Desktop link requires a plugin, Accept "Juniper Terminal Services Client".

Connecting to a Remotely Anywhere link requires you to install an ActiveX control enabling you to remote and send files to the server. If the ActiveX does not appear on

Your computer, then make sure that the pages is added in ”Trusted sites”.

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