Electricity supply network

Our subsidiaries Göteborg Energi Nät AB and Partille Nät AB owns the electricity distribution network in the Göteborg area.

The electricity supply network is around 8,000 km long.

Our objective is to provide customers with the highest possible level of delivery reliability. This means that the people of Göteborg shall be affected to the minimum possible extent by power cuts. In order to retain our high level of delivery reliability, we continually perform preventive maintenance and investments in the network.

One major advantage is that the main part of our network is buried underground, which means that it is protected from wind and weather.

You can choose to buy your electricity from whoever you want but we make sure that the electricity is transported to you in a safe and trouble-free way.

Improved service

Swedenergy is an organisation representing companies active in the Swedish electricity industry. To improve the service to swedish electricity customers they have produced a brochure called "Your contact with electricity companies"

An pdf-dokument with electricity companies

- Your contact with electricity companies - (pdf-document,
1 212 kB)

Your contact with electricity companies

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