Modern commercial properties are well insulated. If people are to feel comfortable and be effective it is important to make sure that the indoor climate is always pleasant and maintains a uniform temperature.

We offer property owners two different solutions to produce a good indoor climate. District cooling, which is produced centrally for several properties. Ready cooling, whereby a cooling plant is installed in the customer´s property.

Cooling is mainly produced by district heating-powered absorption cooling machines. During the winter months, we also use natural cooling, i.e. the cold outside air.

One of the advantages of district cooling is that the customer does not need to maintain his own cooling machines in the property. This also releases space that can be used for something else.

Another advantage is that our cooling reduces the consumption of electricity by 80-90 percent in comparison with production in cooling plants that only use cooling compressors. It also reduces the use of environmentally harmful coolants and improves the customer´s working environment by reducing disurbing noice and vibrations.

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