Researching the future

The energy sector is evolving continuously. Climate change is in the spotlight. We intend to remain at the forefront and are investing in research and development in many fields.

We finance outside research and development through our own Foundation for Research and Development. We conduct our own development projects, large and small, and we are involved in industry-wide research projects. We want to take a responsible role in future issues and therefore see research and development as a central element in our vision of a sustainable Gothenburg.

We are focusing our research and development efforts on three areas:

  • Business models

  • Biogas

  • Energy efficiency

Research foundation 

The Foundation for Research and Development is led by a board made up of members of the presiding committee of Göteborg Energi. A research council has been set up with representatives from universities, colleges and research institutes.

The foundation has limited funds and we need to prioritise areas of research. Our research and development initiatives focus on the following areas:

  • Strategies for sustainable energy systems.

  • Values, behaviours and decisions of stakeholders in the energy market.

  • Technology for sustainable energy systems.

We welcome new applications. Applications are accepted at any time and are considered at the next research council meeting. The research council meets up to once a quarter.

If you have any questions about research and development at Göteborg Energi, please contact
 phone +46 31 62 66 89.

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