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Pressrelease: Lidköping Biogas is now inaugurated

Lidköping Biogas was inaugurated today - the facility which is the first in Sweden and one of the first in the world to produce Liquefied Biogas. The plant is a good example of how cooperation can create improved technical solutions for sustainable development in the future, especially when it comes to heavy transportation. Lidköping Biogas is a collaboration between Göteborg Energi, the Municipality of Lidköping and Swedish Biogas International.

Present during the Grand Opening were decision-makers from the transport and logistics industries, politicians and officials from departments for the Environment, Energy and Transport, biogas companies and local stakeholders and suppliers.

The day started with a series of lectures at Restaurant Galejan in Lidköping. Amongst the presenters were Christina Nilsson, CEO of Lidköping Biogas AB, Peter Unden, CEO of Swedish Biogas International AB, and Manuel Lage from NGVA Europe. Manuel Lage has previously been a professor in internal combustion engine technology at the Polytechnic University of Madrid.

The opening ceremony was held at the biogas plant by Kia Andreasson, chairman of Göteborg Energi, Kjell Hedvall, Mayor of Lidköping and Peter Unden, CEO of Swedish Biogas International.

Kia Andreasson pointed out in her speech that Lidköping Biogas is part of the climate transition.
– What we’ve done here in Lidköping makes ripples. First movers create interest and inspiration to others, said Kia Andréasson.

Lidköpings Mayor Kjell Hedvall stressed that cooperation between public and private actors is important.
- It has been a journey to get this far with the plant, but now we are here. As the private sector is a part of this project, it is truly real, and this facility is part of the future, said Kjell Hedvall.

Even Peter Undén, CEO of Swedish Biogas International, emphasized the importance of collaboration.
- Lidköping Biogas is a close collaboration between the private and municipal sectors. We share a common belief that it will work, he said.

Christina Nilsson, CEO Lidköping Biogas AB, tel. +46 31 62 61 37, christina.nilsson @
Peter Undén, CEO Swedish Biogas International, tel. +46 13 46 50 888, peter.unden @
Yvonne Träff, environmental strategist at Lidköping, tel. +46 510 77 01 93, yvonne.traff @


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